When crime, death, or suicide clean-up is needed  an experienced, professional bio-hazard cleaning company should be contacted.

San Antonio Crime Scene Cleanup Companies are independent, and do not work for The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office does not Provide Crime Scene Cleanup Services.

Crime Scenes, Death Scenes, Suicide Scenes, Murder/Homicide Scenes, Long-term Decomposition scenes and other Biohazardous Scenes should not be considered pathogenically safe when released by the Bexar County Medical Examiner,  San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), Bexar County Sheriff, Bexar County Emergency first Responders, or other Law Enforcement Agencies in Bexar County or The City of San Antonio.

For other information on Diseases and Transmission and other Public Health Alerts, please see www.cdc-diseases.org.

 Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-up Questions And Answers

How Do I choose a Qualified Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning Company?

Here are some guidelines you may wish to consider when choosing a crime scene cleanup company.

Does the website of the company you are calling have objectionable photo's?

When you are looking for help after a serious incident or tragic loss, graphic photos are the last thing you need to see.  Graphic photos on a company web site indicate a lack of sensitivity to your emotional well-being, and can easily cause additional emotional distress.  Additionally, photos of your home may be added to the internet collection.  Ask yourself if these are individuals you would want to welcome into your home. 

Does the company you're considering have commercial vehicles? 

Professional companies understand the risks associated with cleaning crime, suicide and death scenes.  Trained, experienced Bio-hazard Technicians understand that utilizing a personal vehicle when doing site assessments or providing services can easily place family members and children at risk for contracting bloodborne pathogen illness.  Additionally, use of personal vehicles may indicate that you are not dealing by a real company.  It may also indicate that the person is not financially stable.  Financial instability in the Crime, Death and Trauma Scene Cleanup business can mean that the proper chemicals are not being purchased or used to render an area pathogenically safe. 

Does the company have unmarked commercial vehicles that can respond to your home?  

Most experienced, established Crime, Death and Trauma Scene Cleaning Companies have unmarked or permanently marked commercial vehicles.  These companies will respond in unmarked commercial vehicles when requested unless doing so will place them at personal risk.  Individuals with magnetic signs on their car or truck may be using a personal vehicle.

Do the individuals that respond to your call for cleanup introduce themselves, and give you literature about their company, their qualifications and their services?

Companies experienced in Crime, Death and Trauma Scene Cleanup understand the depth of emotional trauma associated with arranging for the clean-up of a suicide, murder, long-term death or other similar site.  When you meet the individual(s) who respond to your call, they should be professional, discrete and sympathetic.  They should spend time with you and address all of your concerns and questions.  Literature should be provided about the company, their qualifications, and the services they provide.

Are the Technicians that respond to your call uniformed?

Stable, experienced service companies invest in their employees and their reputation.  Because of the risks associated with bio-hazard clean-up, Technicians should arrive in uniforms comprised of long pants, long-sleeved shirts and appropriate foot gear. 

Is the company or individual you have contacted in the full time business of Crime, Death, Trauma and Bio-hazard Remediation, or are they just trying to supplement their full time day job?

Hiring an individual who has a full time job and is only trying to supplement his income by doing Crime, Death and Trauma Scene Cleaning is not the best choice for biohazard cleanup.  In most cases, these individuals do not have insurance and are not bonded. 

Does the company Have Commercial  Liability insurance, Commercial, auto insurance and workers comp? Are they Bonded?

In most cases 3 mil. Liability,1mil Auto, and 1 mil workers comp is standard for the industry.

Does the company use a licensed Medical Waste Disposal Company?

How Much Will it Cost?

The company should be able to give you a firm bottom end cost with no variables.

Some companies "short bid"  to get the job,or Leave the Biohazard Disposal off and surprise you with a big bill at the end.

Is the company Better Business Bureau Credentialed?

A San Antonio Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning Company,

Crime Clean of Texas inc. is Better Business Bureau Credentialed,

Hazmat Certified,Medical Waste Certified,Fully Insured and Uses Unmarked Commercial Vehicles. Crime Clean of Texas Has Been serving San Antonio Tx and Bexar county since  1995. for Crime Scene Cleaning and other Services see www.crimecleanoftexas.com. Website

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