Funeral Home Questions and the Bexar County Medical Examiners Office.

There Has been a death of a loved one or friend, and they have been taken to the morgue at the  Bexar County Medical Examiners office. What Should I do?

You should select a Funeral Home and notify the Funeral Director that the death is being handled by the Bexar County medical Examiner's Office.

You must also sign a Release Form at the Funeral Home, Authorizing the Bexar County Medical Examier's Office to release the body to the Funeral Home you Have Selected.

Can Anyone Sign a Release Form authorizing the Bexar County Medical Examiners Office to release the body to the Funeral Home of your choice?

NO !  According to Texas law,only the legal next-of-kin may sign the Medical Examiner's Release Form.

What if the next of kin is out of town?

Contact information for the Bexar county Medical Examiner's office.

Bexar County Medical Examiner Investigations  Phone Number (210) 335-4011

                                                                  Fax Number    (210) 335 4021

                                                                  Email Address


Doctors Office (210) 335-4053

Questions regarding case status  (210) 335-4001

Questions regarding the operation of office   (210) 335 4064

If I am interested in Organ donation who do I call ?

Please contact the Tissue Center of Centeral Texas at 1-800-489-8027

San Antonio Funeral Home  and Death Care Service Providers Directory .